Veille NAE : Composite 20190114

Chaque semaine NAE vous propose une veille technologique sur une thématique de sa feuille de route technologique.

Aujourd’hui retrouvez sa veille sur la thématique Composite qui abordera :

  • Layer Design and Fluid-Solid Coupling Analysis of the Thermoplastic Composite Wind Turbine Blade
    Source : – 2018-12-28
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  • Glass-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites for Front End Module Applications (2011-26-0053)
    Source : – 2018-12-25
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  • Discontinuous carbon fiber/polyamide composites with microencapsulated paraffin for thermal energy storage
    Source : – 2018-12-23
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  • Hybrid thermoplastic composites with long and short fiber materials and natural nanoparticles)
    Source : – 2018-12-13
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  • Accelerated estimation of fatigue performances of thermoplastic composite material by self-heating monitoring
    Source : – 2018-12-02
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  • Improving weld uniformity in continuous ultrasonic welding of thermoplastic composites
    Source : – 2018-11-28
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  • Investigation of Cold Spray on Polymers by Single Particle Impact Experiments
    Source : – 2018-11-27
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